Purchasing Safer, BPA Free Cups for Your Family

Every year, we learn more and more about the earth and how the choices of our daily life effect our planet. We are also learning more and more about how what we consume effects our bodies, so people are changing their diets. Obviously, many individuals are trying to change what they do in their daily lives in order to make what they do better for the environment and for themselves. A simple way to do that is buying new water bottles and cups. Moving to better drinking vessels, made from glass, is easy for every member of the family.

The tiniest of the family, the babies, can be using glass baby bottles. Many parents are concerned about the BPA in plastics, and glass baby bottles are without BPA. Heating up the bottle won't melt the plastic, and you won't have to worry about discoloration either.

Even children from age one to three can use a glass drinking cup. Glass sippy cups are great for young toddlers. If you're concerned about giving something made of glass to a young toddler, many companies sell great silicone sippy cup sleeves. This way, the cup is not only less likely to slip, but also insulated in case it makes contact with any of the surfaces in your home. Once your child is ready to graduate from the sippy cup up to a regular cup, there are glass cups and glass water bottle of all sizes, even for those with child-sized hands.

When you've moved into drinking out of adult sized cups, there are so many more choices of glass water bottles and cups. There are all kinds of cool glass 20 oz glass water bottle and cups with multi-colored silicone sleeves that can be found both online and in stores. There are also glass diffuser water bottles that can give your drink some pizazz with a variety of fruit flavors of your choosing. There is no reason to be bummed out about water with how many exciting options you can have using glass drinking bottles.

When you know better, you do better, and so many people are using their knowledge about the world and the human body to make better choices for their families when it comes to what they drink from. It's an easy choice to start to transition from using plastic drinking cups and bottles, to using glass bottles and cups, for the benefit of yourself, your body, and your planet.To read more about glass water bottles, check out http://edition.cnn.com/2013/11/19/health/upwave-bottled-water/ .